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H.P.Lovecraft (1890-1937)
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The H.P. Lovecraft Archive
Nyarlathotep.de - Das Cthulhuid eZine
Lovecraft on russian

"That is not dead which can eternal lie,
Yet with strange aeons, even Death may die."

Unfortunately, this site is oriented on Russian-language users that's why it is not dubbed into English.

I recommend you to visit

"H.P.Lovecraft Archive" (english)
"Nyarlathotep.de" (deutch)
The Call Of Ktulu (francais)
Hache-Pe-Ele (espanol)
H.P.Lovecraft (magyar)
There you can find exhaustive information on customary language.

But Russian editions of Lovecraft can be interested for English-language users. They are enumerated separately both with Russian titles, and with original English ones. (Frequently title of the same book is translated differently in different editions).

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