(showing some relationships to be found between the mythos of Lovecraft, the magick of Crowley, and the faith of Sumer.)

Lovecraft Crowley Sumer
Cthulhu The Great Beast as represented in "CTHDH 666" Ctha-lu, Kutulu
The Ancient Ones Satan; Teitan Tiamat
Azathoth Aiwass (?) Azag-thoth
The Dunwich Horror Choronzon Pazuzu
Shub Niggurath Pan Sub Ishniggarab (?)
Out of Space The Abyss Absu; Nar Mattaru
IA! IO! IAO! IA (JAH; EA; Lord of Waters)
The Five-pointed grey Star carven The Pentagram The AR, or UB (Plough Sign; the original pentagram and the sign of the Aryan Race)
Vermis Mysteriis The Serpent Erim (the Enemy; and the Sea as Chaos; Gothic; Orm, or Worm, great Serpent)

This is, of course, by no means a complete list but rather an inspirational sampling. Meditation upon the various Things mentioned in the Mythos will permit the scholar to draw his own conclusions; research upon the etymology of both Lovecraft's and Crowley's respective literature enables the occultist to discover the ancient Names and Numbers for much of his own, familiar, material.

(Note: that Lovecraft may have head or Crowley is hinted at darkly in his short story "The Thing On The Doorstep" in which he refers to a cult leader from England who had established a covenstead of sorts in New York. In that story, published in Weird Tales in 1936, the cult leader is closely identified with chthonic forces, is described as "notorious", and linked to the strange fate that befell the protagonist, Edward Derby.) | Necronomicon | Simon's Necronomicon | Chart of Comparisons