BY NOW you have been intrigued and mystified by the bizarre contents of the ancient and awesome occult text, and you may be wondering what possibilities the NECRONOMICON has in store for you. Does it really work?

Far from deriding such a skeptical attitude, might I say that it is the only attitude to take in regards to any occult service or textbook. We live in a scientific age, the age of space travel and nuclear energy, of genetic engineering and robots, of pocket calculators and home computers. And, in the midst of all this technological achievement, there appears like a ghost from the Eldritch past, the NECRONOMICON. In the age of push-button commands issued from sleek terminals in sterile, air-conditioned computer rooms there comes a book of incantation and exorcism. Among the bespectacled, distracted technicians, programmers and engineers, stands the stark and faintly terrifying figure of the Mad Arab. The juxtaposition is incredible. What does it mean? What does it portend?

We have not yet been able to give a computer the gift of thought. From the most primitive, hand-held calculator to the massive consoled in research centers around the world, all the computer can really do is compute. People are the only machines that are capable of thought, of creativity, of art and of love. That which sets us apart from the computers is what draws us towards the NECRONOMICON, for it speaks to our spirit, and speaks of dangers our spirit may face in attempting to unleash untold, untestes cosmic forces upon our planet and ourselves. You don't have to believe in the religion of the Sumerians in order to work the miracles of the NECRONOMICON, for it was the magick of the NECRONOMICON that gave spawn to the religion of Sumer. You merely have to believe in yourself. Give yourself, that part of you that you know is better than any machine, any space-shuttle, and computer, a chance at succeeding where others have failed. Don't merely believe in the NECRONOMICON. Try it. Not once, but several times. Give it a thoroughly scientific battery of tests.

And then sit back and enjoy the show.

Good hunting.

Stoop not down, therefore,
Unto the Darkly-Splendid World,
Wherin continually lieth
A faithless Depth
And Hades wrapped in clouds,
Delighting in unintelligible Images,
Precipitous, winding,
A black, ever-rolling Abyss
Ever espousing a Body
And Void.

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