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H.P.Lovecraft (1890-1937)

Beagle Books

1971 At the Mountains Of Madness
At the Mountains Of Madness
The Shunned House
The Dreams In the Witch-House
The Statement Of Randolph Carter

1971 The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

1971 The Tomb and Other Tales
The Tomb
The Festival
Imprisoned With The Pharaohs
The Horror At Red Hook
The Strange High House In The Mist
In The Walls Of Eryx
The Evil Clergyman
The Beast In The Cave
The Alchemist
Poetry And The Gods
The Street
The Transition Of Juan Romero
The Descendant
The Book
The Thing In The Moonlight

1971 The Lurking Fear
The Lurking Fear
Beyond the Wall of Sleep
The White Ship
Arthur Jermyn
From Beyond
The Temple
The Moon-Bog
The Hound
The Unnamable
The Outsider
The Shadow Over Innsmouth

1971 The Lurker at the Threshold

1971 The Shuttered Room
The Shuttered Room
Witches' Hollow
The Horror from the Middle Span
The Shadow in the Attic
The Fisherman of Falcon Point
The Dark Brotherhood

1970 The Horror In the Museum & Other Collaborations
The Crawling Chaos - HPL & Elizabeth Berkeley
The Green Meadow - HPL & Elizabeth Berkeley
Winged Death - Hazel Heald
The Horror in the Museum - Hazel Heald
The Diary of Alonzo Typer - William Lumley
The Horror in the Burying Ground - Hazel Heald
The Electric Executioner - Adolphe de Castro
The Curse of Yig - Zealia Bishop
The Mound - Zealia Bishop
Two Black Bottles - Wilfred Blanch Talman

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